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About John Leung

I was born in Hong Kong to my dedicated and loving parents, and I grew up in a healthy family dynamic.  My older twin brother and I were born prematurely.  I have been visually impaired since birth:  My left eye is totally blind, while my right eye has 20/200 vision.


     I live in Vancouver, Canada ever since my family and I immigrated before my 12th birthday.  

My Struggles

Growing up, I knew that I was different from those around me, because I needed special care and arrangements to help my eyesight.  I was arranged to sit at the front of the classroom to see the blackboard better, I used large-print or audio textbooks, I got enlarged worksheets or exam papers, I had a notetaker in college, and I couldn't take some courses for safety reasons.  I felt embarrassed by these supports because I didn't want my classmates to know that I'm disabled.

I got along well with my twin brother and younger sister.  I had good friends during high school and beyond, but I felt ashamed and inferior when compared to them because they could live a regular life, unlike me.  I had to rely on their help to see things, and I disliked being helped.  My reluctance to ask for help eventually resulted in being suspended from college for having a low cumulative GPA.  I became competitive with my friends to prove my worth, but constant losing resulted in numerous anguish outbursts and drunkenness.  Knowing that poor college grades wouldn't lead to a good career, and fearing that future employers may discriminate my disability, I gradually lost hope in life and contemplated committing suicide. 

My Christian Journey

A Christian friend invited me to a church outing In 2006.  After listening to the gospel, I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior because I wanted Him to heal my eyesight and to go to heaven.

Through church fellowships, I learned that God also wanted me to live a purposeful life and to bless others.  John 9:3 touched me the most because God told me that my visual impairment isn't a weakness, but it's for Him to display His works and glory.  This, along with the love and care from the church family, helped me to gradually overcome my self doubts, the shame of my disability, and fear of failure.  I gradually appreciate my disability and my life, knowing that my condition isn't anyone's fault.

Becoming an Author

I've always enjoyed writing leisurely, but God encouraged me to write about my spiritual gains and life experience to encourage and bless others.  I became an author of stories of faith and hope in 2017.  I have also written blog posts on my previous website and for my church blog.


Everyone's journey is different, and some may find their past journeys shameful or insignificant, but God's love and strength help us to lift up our heads and be proud, because we are all precious vessels of honor.


Faith on!  

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