This is the official website of John Leung, author of stories of Faith and Hope.

     Are you in a chaotic situation and wanting to escape?  Are you struggling in life and unsure how to go on?  I'm here to connect with you and encourage you through stories of faith and hope.

     With contemporary settings and realistic characters facing life's challenges, my novels and short stories will inspire you as you face life's challenges everyday.

     You are not alone.  God is ready to face everything with you as He has done for me since 2006.  Read About Me to learn about my journey with God and life as a Christian. 

Joe Faith Give Thanks Shorty Stories Collection

Short Stories

     Published in 2017, both Joe Faith Gives Thanks and A Winter With Joe Faith are fictional short-story collections that based on my journey with God and those around me.

     These e-books are on sale online at:  

Novel: Breaking Point
"Return" Series #1

"Breaking Point is a novel about faith, friends, and reams... Many would enjoy this book."--Maddy Crone, book reviewer

     How would you react when your dream is crushed and your life falls apart?

     Breaking Point is a story about two Christian men: one seeking for self worth and appreciation, the other longing for the return of a lost brother in Christ. 

     Casey Fleury wants to follow the path of his former Christian friend, Kenneth Johnson, to play in the NHL, but his anger issues and life's misfortunes crush his dreams. 

     Adam Point longs for Casey's return to God's family, but his faith is shaken after Casey injures him during a hockey game and upon learning about Casey's challenges. 

     As life's troubles consume Casey and doubts in God choke Adam, they reach their respective breaking point...

Breaking Point cover_edited.jpg